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Mineral Deodarant

Mineral Deodarant

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Many reasons to choose a clean deodorant.  Here at ES, we give you even more if reasons to use our Mineral Deodorant.  We packed the tube with natural organic goodness that helps deodorize the arm pits, while also using ingredients that help detox the heavy metals.  Our breasts and arm pits are areas loaded with tissue filled with lymph nodes.  These lymph nodes have a difficult time draining from toxins that build up over time.  The previous use of conventional deodorant that also contain aluminum….

It is important to encourage daily detox methods, arm pits included. 

note:  we are meant to perspire, it’s our bodies natural way to rid the bad.  It can take one to several weeks to pull bad out.  


arrowroot powder, baking soda (aluminum free), grass-fed tallow, coconut oil, beeswax, non-nano zinc oxide, bentonite clay, cocoa butter, vit e(mixed tocopherol) shea butter, magnesium hydroxide

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