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Breathe Salve

Breathe Salve

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Our •BREATHE SALVE• contains the following essential oils and are known to help those who are asthmatic, fighting a cold/flu, or deal with allergies:•Eucalyptus oil has a strong scent that helps in decongesting airways. The oil contains eucalyptol, which breaks any phlegm and mucous in your system and allows you to breath easily.• Roman chamomile relieves asthma symptoms by relieving muscle contractions that narrow bronchial passages. This oil has sedative properties that relax the body. This relaxation is necessary because tension accompanies asthma attacks.•  Oregano oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It relieves breathing difficulties in asthmatic patients instantly when inhaled. Oregano oil is also effective in preventing respiratory tract infections. No need for a nebulizer, humidifier, inhaler, anti-histamine, VICKS, or Mucinex!

Ingredients: organic: beeswax, cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, oregano, eucalyptus, and chamomile Roman essential oils Suggested for age 5+
(age is debatable- eucalyptus radiata- I recommend researching yourself on the use of this oil)

2 oz jar

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